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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Why I Cook

Just a bit about my cooking/food history. I always enjoyed food. Because I have an awesome mom who cooks very, very well, I didn't learn to cook when I was little. She did get us to help her make dumplings, potstickers, and various other Chinese snacks. I did bake quite a bit after taking home economics back in 8th grade. I love sweets so I baked. Cooking really didn't interest me all that much because my mom fed us so well that we didn't have any wants.

I started cooking out of desperation when I was doing grad school at MIT. The school dining program consisted of fast foods and other nasty stuff (Cornell turned out to be food paradise compared to the slop at MIT). My first cookbook (not including the cookie book that I had since around 8th-9th grade) was acquired around then. It was a book on Japanese cooking, which I still use to this day. My mom also gave me a couple of valuable recipes for various versatile Chinese-style sauces. When I met Wid, my appreciation for food increased because he too was a food lover. It was also great that he could actually cook, and his dishes were different from what I could make. I miss his pot roast, ironically a recipe from his ex-girlfriend. After meeting him as well as a bunch of new people, I realized that people whom I'm friends with are fellow food lover.

At Massachusettes and than Michigan I really didn't cook too much because of first school and then working full time. I did not really cook too much since there were excellent restaurants in both places. I did cook with my friends, which was a lot of fun. One of the fondest experience is making apple pies with my friend Lynn.

It was not until I moved to Bali did I start cooking a lot more. Once again, desperation was the key reason why I started cooking. I'm lucky to be in Bali instead of other parts of Indonesia because this island has a fairly international cuisine available, but some things are still sorely lacking, such as decent Chinese food. I miss my mom's cooking as well as things I've taken for granted back in US (like pancakes and cheese!!). I cook mostly for me and Wid, but I also enjoy introducing new dishes to Wid's parents, who are surprisingly receptive. Now I have several dishes that are constantly craved by Wid's parents, and I think that's the best compliment one can get.

I am still a total newbie when it comes to cooking, but I hope I'll become a better cook in the years to come. I still look up to my mom for her skills and knowledge, and I still ask her for advice and recipes.



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