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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bavarois (trial #2)

Accepting Wid's request for bavarois, I tried making the dessert again on Monday. This time I reduced the amount of sugar by a quarter (60 g to 45 g). I took more care in dissolving the gelatin and in reheating the mixture after the addition of the egg yolk. When I served the dessert to Wid, I added a bit of the leftover ganache from the chocolate cake. No whipped cream this time because I didn't want to open up the 1 L box. He really loved the second batch because of the combination of the good chocolate and the slightly less sweet cream. He also thought the texture was better though I do not know if the lessening of sugar contributed to the change in the texture.

Since Ana and Hadi came to dinner for the Taiwanese deep fried pork chops, I gave them the dessert too. First they shared the one cup of bavarois. Then, Hadi came into the kitchen and asked, "So what other desserts are there?" We gave him the second cup of bavarois and a slice of the chocolate cake. He seemed to like the chocolate a lot even though normally he hates chocolate (it gives him a head ache).

So I guess mission accomplished. Next French dessert on the list is eclair. I need to find more ways of using the ganache before it goes bad.

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