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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

More Chinese-Japanese Food

Wid's parents and their chums were so intrigued by our comments of Mozaic, that they decided to go try out the restauant. While the parents were away (and us being forced on a diet because Wid's parents wanted to save room for the big dinner at Mozaic), Widhy and I decided to go to Ippin Nyukon for dinner again because we couldn't get our mind off of last week's mapo tofu. Wid was interested in trying the chili and garlic shrimp because he figured that, like mapo tofu, it's a favorite of the Japanese.

This time instead of getting ramen, we got mapo tofu and chili garlic shrimp dinner sets and for appetizer we ordered chilled chicken with sesame sauce. The appetizer was more of a chicken salad with cucumbers, fried noodles/friend shredded wonton noodles, tomatoes, and lettuce. There were two kinds of sauces on this dish, and in some ways it reminded me of the salad I had at this restaurant during my second visit. The portion of the appetizer was extraordinary, and after eating all the food and being too stuffed, we decided that next time we'll get people to come with us so we can share the food.

The mapo tofu was still as good as the last time. Wid really loved the chili shrimp dish though he wished that there were more shrimps. The shrimps were deep fried and then drenched or cooked in the red chili sauce. After he ate all the shrimps, he felt bad that all the sauce was going to waste because it was so good. In the end the hostess gave us two small cups of a strange smelling tea. I couldn't figure out the tea variety, but it was ok.

Next time we'll try more of the Chinese-sounding dishes. :)

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