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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Home-cooked Meal with Friends

Wid and I invited our friends Sulis and Lexo over for dinner while Wid's parents were in Bangkok back in early November. Since we know they love Japanese food, I decided to cook Japanese food for them. We had such a bad luck with gathering ingredients that day. Our favorite grocery store totally let us down because they didn't have sushi-grad tuna. We opted for salmon instead. They even ran out of kampyo which is needed for futomaki. In the end we had to adjust our menu to the ingredients that we did have on our hands. We had many of the dishes that we made previously, but this time I tried a new dish--tomago. Unfortunately, we didn't have a nice rectangle pan to make the egg omlet look good. First pan I used was our normal (kind of crappy) pan and the result was disasterous because the egg got stuck on the pan. The cook found the non-stick griddle pan for me and that was a better choice for making this kind of omlet. The size of the pan was still too big so I had quite a bit of trouble rolling and folding the soft eggy sheet into an appropriate shape (rectangular box). It wasn't very pretty but at least it tasted good.

The rest of the meal consisted of oyakodon, nasu miso, sushi (spicy salmon, avacado, cucumber), miso soup, and goma-ae. Widhy had a revelation about how to improve his spicy salmon sushi, so he was very happy about that and the resulting sushi. I didn't have too much trouble getting everything together, and I was done at 7 PM sharp, which was the first for me. Unfortunately, our friends got lost and they didn't arrive until about 7:30. At least the food didn't get cold and everyone seemed to enjoy the food. They gave us a very nice bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon (Fortant 2004, from Southern France). Sulis and Lexo want to invite us over to their place next time and Lexo will cook for us. I look forward to see what they'll make and enjoy our time with them.

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