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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mmmm, hot truck

Found this article bookmarked. It really brought back some wonderful memories of my undergrad years at good old Cornell. Here are some choice quotes:
AFTER 2 A.M.: The Hot Truck is the Holy Grail of late-night food in Ithaca. It not only boasts awesome French bread pizza, but also its own language. The PMP (poor man's pizza) is the basic French bread pizza. If you want extra sauce, order it "wet," mayo and lettuce "grease and garden," and when it's 3 a.m., you're a little tipsy and you don't know what to order, say "WTF" and the Hot Truck staff will choose a pizza for you.

I love Hot Truck and this is one of the things I miss sorely from Cornell. A friend of mine visited me in Boston a few years ago and we and his friends (other fellow Cornellians) went to a Hot Truck outpost of some sort outside of the city. Hot Truck at Cornell was still better, but the taste was similar and good enough to invoke fond memories. Maybe the original truck had the better flavor because of the memories.
MUST-EAT: Ithaca has more restaurants per capita than NYC, so there are plenty of options, but one of the most renowned vegetarian eateries in the country is in Ithaca: Moosewood Restaurant did vegetarian before it was cool.

I've been to Moosewood but I do not consider it as a must eat. I think the restaurant and the cookbook are overrated. I actually wrote my experience dining at this establishment for my food history class. The class had an interesting concept but the structure and the professor were terrible. Imagine a snobby professor who's obsessed with bread, who thinks he knows everything, and who loves to spout French all rolled up in one.
DOSES OF CULTURE: We've all been to Urban Outfitters and seen the "Ithaca is Gorges" T-shirt, but don't laugh, because the gorges are beautiful. At the Cascadilla Gorges, on the south edge of campus, you can walk over a suspension bridge and stand right above the falls.

One of my dorms was right next to Cascailla gorge. Love the sound of the water. My friend picked a room with a window facing the gorge so she could go to sleep to the sound of the water rushing. There are way more other impressive gorges and waterfalls scattered through out Ithaca and the Finger Lake regions.
ONLY AT CORNELL: Cornell is the only school where students can learn about drinking for credit. Hotel Administration 430: Introduction to Wines offers students the opportunity to learn about winemaking, its history and its culture.

Definitely one of the most useful class I've ever taken! Thanks to this class, I appreicate wines a lot more. Plus, drinking Bourdeaux from before 1940's that cost around $200 per glass was a bonus. The case was donated to the Hotel School by an alum.



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