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Thursday, April 12, 2007

might as well insert the words "word from our sponsor"

A couple of days ago while Wid and I were at a restaurant, I picked up a copy of the local English-language tourist magazine. As I flipped through it, I noticed reviews for restaurants. One of them read more like an advertisement. The author spent two-thirds of a page to write about the history of Spanish food and tapas before spending the remaining space on actual description of the food at the restaurant. Unfortunately, the description was not very useful or interesting. It was a list of things the author ate and a list of dishes available in the restaurant. I got the impression that EVERYTHING in the restaurant, even the dishes he didn't try, was awesome. Having been to that restaurant before, I know that's not true. We were only impressed by two dishes when we visited the place months ago. They were first two tapas dishes we ordered, and they were both potato-based dishes. While we had a positive start during our stay at the restaurant, we were left unimpressed in the end. The service was slow even though we were one of three or four gropus that night, and the food was thoroughly average. I had better tapas elsewhere.

I was very disappointed by the level of the writing as well as the lack of independence from the restaurant. It really read like a paid text advertisement (or at least high level of ass kissing) than a real, independent review.



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