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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

De Ka De Resto

A couple of days ago we tried out a new Indonesian restaurant called De Ka De Resto (Jl. Noja Saraswati No. 2D, Denpasar). The setting was surprisingly nice for a place that serves Indonesian food. The dining area consisted of two parts--one on the patio above the fish pond (huuuuuge kois swimming around) and the other enclosed in an air conditioned room. The food was quite nice though but I'm really not a judge of Indonesian food since I'm not a huge fan myself. The family got mostly grilled fish or various set menu. I wasn't in the mood for Indo food so Wid ordered me gado-gado, stir fried kung kong, stir fried noodle (mie Jakarta?), and rice.

The gado-gado tasted fresh, but it was drenched in sauce. I later found out that typical restaurants are very stingy with sauces so if some place serves the dish with lots of sauce, it shows the place tries to be more "luxurious." Maybe that's why Wid's mom liked my lasagna because it has lots of sauce and therefore more luxurious.

Kung kong was not bad either and they put little red beans (not azuki beans nor the red kidney beans) and chopped shrimp bits, which I thought was a bit different than the other stir fried kung kong I had before. I didn't eat much of the stir fried noodles because I'm pretty bored with mie goreng and egg noodles in general, but the others seemed to enjoyed that dish.

Portion was filling for everyone and the price was not too bad. I wouldn't mind going back to the restaurant if I'm actually in the mood for Indo food. I was definitely pleasantly surprised and impressed by the ambiance because most places that serve Indo foods are warung, shacks, or street carts with zero emphasis on the atmosphere.

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