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Monday, April 09, 2007

Hana Revisited

We and our friends went to Hana in Seminyak a few days ago. Once again this restaurant didn't disappoint us. It seems like a safe bet that their tuna dishes are excellent. Wid and Lexo ordered the sushi plate. Sulis and I both ordered the miso ramen (it looked a bit like the Ippin Nyukkon one). Lexo also ordered a bowl of tuna on rice and Wid got the tuna carpaccio. Wid and I had the sushi plate during our last visit, and it still pretty much tasted the same. The miso ramen was actually a bit disappointing because the noodle, while plenty, was the cheap, instant variety. The broth was delicious, garlicky and full body, but they really skimped on the toppings--one pice of sliced pork, one sheet of nori, and half an egg. Ippin Nyukkon still has the best ramen in town, hands down.

As I said in the previous paragraph, tuna dishes are a safe bet. Again the tuna was the best thing in the restaurant. The meat is tender yet firm and not a bit fishy. The tuna carpaccio had a very strong, tangy sauce that went well with the thinly sliced fish, and the tuna itself wasn't fishy at all, unlike the one at Ryoshi, which we liked also. The tuna in bowl was basically a big bowl of sushi, which consisted of sushi rice with minced raw tuna and chopped scallions. I still think their sushi rice is fantastic. It's flavorful yet not overwhelming.

Good to see that the restaurant has lovely food.

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