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Thursday, January 11, 2007

An annoying trend

Haven't been posting that much on the blog recently because we've been so busy taking care of our new puppy Bonnie "The Naughty" Bonbon. I haven't had the chance to cook all that much since the new year, except for an overcooked brownie and cheesecake (curse that oven with the lack of temperature control!!!). Wid and I have tried out a couple new restaurants recently, and we noticed an annoying trend--these restaurants all try to be another Ku De Ta. It's not a good thing. They all try to charge the price of Ku De Ta, but the food is just absolutely mediocre. These restaurant owners probably figured that if Kudeta is successful in attracting so much clientile even with the expensive price tag, they can do it too as long as they have a nice ("western-style") atmosphere. I personally enjoyed the food and atmosphere of Ku De Ta, but the price is quite the turn off so we don't go there very often (only if friends or family are in town). The food is quite excellent, and we did consider it to be one of the best restaurants serving western-style food (but certainly not the best value) until we discovered Mozaic. Seriously, if I want to spend over 200,000 rp per person, might as well go to Mozaic and get the best food possible on the island without worrying about the dishes being plain average.

We adored Mozaic and had excellent experiences every time we visited the place. Even though it is one of the most expensive restaurants on the island, the food is definitely the best. Unlike Ku De Ta and the other Ku De Ta-wannabes, I actually considered Mozaic to be a great value, if you compared the prices with other restaurants of that calibur in other countries. I don't consider ourselves to be cheap because we are welling to spend lots of money on excellent foods.

I'm really disappointed by many of these new restaurants because of the lousy value. The price is too high for the lousy food. I might as well stay at home and make my own dishes, which some are starting to taste better than restaurant foods.

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Blogger no said...

Yes, you should just make your own food! You'll learn + eat delicious stuff + it's probably cheaper??
I really hope you guys get that oven replaced at some point though, since i know you guys like desserts and I like your cookies :D

January 11, 2007 at 11:25 AM  
Blogger cyen said...

Wid thinks that our own Italian food is already better than the ones in restaurants here? Yeah, it's fun learning to make our own stuff and I do hope it would be cheaper on the long run.

Hahaha, I'll have to make more of those cookies for you when you come visit. I need to find shortening first though. XD

January 22, 2007 at 10:46 AM  

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