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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Nasi Campur

Yesterday Wid's mom got all of us some Balinese-style nasi campur. The "mixed rice" has no real name and it came from a place with no real name either. Wid thinks it's a food stall/shack in a banjar. I'm normally not a huge fan of nasi campur, but this one was so good. The toppings are separated from the rice itself so that way you won't get what Wid called surprise--the unexpected blob of hot chili paste. The topping consisted of small pieces of egg omlet and chicken, fried coconut shavings (orange color thing in the pic), a bit of noodle mixed with veggies, some meat that tasted a lot like the Chinese-style beef jerky (the dark brown chunks), and braised beef (the light-brown, shreded meat). Everything is all wrapped up nicely in a banana leaf.

Widhy likes this dish so much that he always gets double portion. I can only eat one portion, but it is very enjoyable. I also love the fact that this dish came from a place with no name.

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