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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Is it a game or a cookbook?

Wid and I got two brand new Nintendo DS about a week ago. I decided to check out what sort of games are available, and I stumbled onto the Nintendo Japan site. What I found was this. Since I don't know Japanese, I can't figure out exactly what kind of program is this. Is it a game (like Cooking Mama) or is it actually a cookbook? Looking at other pages on this mini site, I found this page. By listing the calorie count and preparation time for each sample recipe, I believe that this "game" is actually a cookbook. If so, that would be a pretty cool idea. The photos looked so delicious. :9

Cooking Mama, which just got released in US, is an actual game. You play a chef who has to prepare dishes ordered by the customers. It sounds like a quirky game. I wouldn't mind checking it out. From reviews, it seems to get repetitive eventually, but the game seems to take full advantage of the stylus so that would be interesting.

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