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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Croissant Sandwich

When the whole family was home, we made croissant sandwiches for lunch. My sis came home a bit after lunch, and she wanted me to make her sandwich. She said, "Sandwiches made by other people always taste better." Hehe.

I love croissant sandwiches. I have to agree with my brother that the texture is lighter than normal bread, and it's a nice departure from the usual. Lightly toasted croissant was filled with deli style cold cuts, slice of cheese (provolone or cheddar), lettuce, slices of ripen tomato, a bit of red onions, and a tab of mustard. It's amazing how simple things can taste so good. Bro and his gf loved the Hellmann's new deli style mustard that my parents bought. I wonder how well it goes with my potato salad.

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