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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Yum Yum Donut

I really missed good old donuts. Sure, there are Dunkin' Donuts in Bali, but even those don't taste like the ones we get here in US. Most of the donuts I've tried in Bali has this stale, old oil taste, and the smell isn't very fresh either. When Ba, Wid, and I went shopping, we passed by our favorite local donut shop called Yum Yum Bake Shop, and I suddenly remembered that's one of the items on our list of to eats. The smell of fresh donuts and coffee permeated the air. Yes, even the smell can't be replicated in Bali... We only got six donuts because Ma doesn't eat donuts and we're heading to DC in a day or so. I'm eating the chocolate cream-filled powdered donut, and we still have a glazed donut, two French crueller, and a chocolate thunder waiting for us. Mmmmmmm.

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