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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Almond Tofu

Yesterday Wid's mom requested almond tofu (ๆไป่ฑ†่…) for tonight's dinner party. I made this dessert several times a couple times already, but the first time, it was kind of hard to convince Wid's mom that I knew what I was doing (i.e. I was using too much water). My guess is that people here haven't had "real" Chinese almond tofu and the only ones that they have tried are stiff cubes of agar agar. Almond tofu isn't made of soy bean; it's agar agar, flavored with almond extract and evaporated milk and sweetened by white sugar. Because of the large volume of liquid, the solidified agar agar is soft like tofu and quite slurpable. This dessert is often served with fruit cocktail. The guests at the party dinner loved the dessert because it's not too sweet.

The dinner consisted of Indonesian and Indo-Chinese foods (satay, fried meat balls, meat ball soup, grilled fish, gado-gado, etc.) and quite tasty. Some of the food were spicy (of course!) but I was able to eat them anyway.

I also made a Japanese cheesecake yesterday, but I'll post something about it tomorrow.

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