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Saturday, August 04, 2007

New Oven

We finally got a brand new, non-industrial-strength oven. It's a Modena gas power oven, the same one owned by Wid's sis. It's nice and compact so it doesn't take over an hour to heat up the oven and the temperature actually remains more or less constant, unlike the other oven with the horrible temperature fluctuations of around 50 degrees Celsius. Plus the oven has the following features, which were totally absent in the other one: electronic ignition, safety valves, oven light, thermostat, timer. Ah, wonder of modern convenience. XD The only thing I'm not so keen is the temperature dial because the intervals were too great for my taste.

I was able to do a test run yesterday. I was curious about how well the oven heats up and how accurate was the thermostat so I put my brand new oven thermometer that I bought in US last year in the oven. There was a huge difference in difference in value between the setting of the dial and the temperature read by the oven thermometer. Since I never tested the oven thermometer, I wasn't sure which one is accurate. In the end I decided the oven temperature was lower than it should because the cake I was baking didn't turn golden brown after sitting in the oven for an hour. At least in the end the long baking time and lower oven temperature didn't have a disasterous effect on the cake (it was edible).

Maybe we should get the electrician to come back and recalibrate the oven or I'll just keep using the oven thermometer. At least once the oven reached a set temperature, the temperature remains constant which is one plus over the old oven.



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