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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Last night to celebrate my birthday, Wid took me to Kafe Warisan a French Mediterranean restaurant for dinner. We've been wanting to try this place out for months, but for various reasons we never made it there. The place is on Jl. Raya Kerobokan in Kuta. The ambiance was quite romantic and pretty, like we were in a antique store surrounded by rice paddies. There were a bit of a mosquitoe problem, but they provide some Off mosquitoe repellent for their clients.

The restaurant had an extensive wine list, but we only ordered water and a margarita. Wid liked the margarita from Bubba Gump's more because it's more slushy. For dinner Wid ordered their special of the day, which is toro tuna with fois gras and asparagus, while I ordered the duck leg confit, sauté potatoes, caramelized shallots, honey and balsamic garlic sauce as well as garlic soup with coutons and Swiss cheese and country bread. The garlic soup was surprisingly mild but still tasted of garlic. The lightness of the soup reminded me of the mushroom room recipe I got from Pepin's Fast Food My Way. The country bread was warm with crunchy crust and soft inside. The duck was crispy (skin) yet moist and tender (meat). It's a bit saltier than I liked, but it paired wonderfully with the sweetness of the sauce and the slight bitterness of the greens. Wid really enjoyed his tuna as well. The tuna was much lighter than my duck with a hint of Asian flavor.

For dessert we decided to try the sampler, which ended up a very good decision because everything was very delicious and filling. The sampler consisted of millefeuille (puff pastry with vanilla cream), crème bruleé, chocolate profiteroles (I think?), and lemon meringue tart. There were little cream puffs filled with ice cream also. Wid said the creme brulee is the first he had in Bali that actually tasted like creme brulee. I still like the one from La Dolche Vita better, but this one was very good also. I also really liked the puff pastry and the lemon tart also.

In the end the price is close to that of Ku De Ta, but we think it's worth it considering Warisan used ingredients not easily found in Bali and the dishes are actually something interesting and not commonly found in other restaurants. For the two of us, the meal was around 600,000 rp with drinks, dessert, soup, and two entrees.

For lunch I had noodles with eggs and veggies, a standard dish on birthdays for Chinese. :D

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