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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Potato Salad

I mentioned Warung Italia in yesterday's post, and from the same place I was inspired to make their version of the potato salad. I really like the creamy texture and the addition of scallions. In the end, mine didn't turn out the same as the restaurant's version, but it's fine because I intentionally made it different. I first cut up the steamed and skinned potatoes into chunks. Instead of adding onions, green/red/yellow pepper, and cucumber, I only added scallions. I then added mustard, mayo, salt, pepper, and sugar. I think the restaurant version doesn't use mustard but has a generous amount of mayo.

For the same dinner I made my usual tuna melt for me and Wid. When his parents came home, Wid's mom say the potato salad, and immediately helped herself to a spoonful. Hehehe. It's always nice to see people being ethusiastic about my food. :D The next day I noticed my potato salad was reheated. I guess people here don't understand the concept of potato salad, but the reheated version tasted fine.

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