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Friday, February 23, 2007

Dog Food

This is a food blog so I don't see any problem posting about food for others, including our doggies. We've been giving Bonnie different kinds of foods to see what she likes and doesn't like. We're worried that she lost her interest in her boring dry dog food and she stopped eating proper food and started to pick trash. She also got a lot of junk from the kids who are here very, very often. Wid's mom and I have been giving her various fruits and vegetable. My dog book said that fresh produce is a good treat for dogs and they recommended things like broccoli, carrots, apples, and grape. Bonnie hates carrots, cooked or raw. She loves cooked spinach, grapes, green beans, bananas, mango, and even durian (I did not give her that). She's not so keen on apples, like our black-capped lory Niblets, which is kind of ironic because Niblets doesn't like banana but he loves apples. I've seen her trying to chew on shallots, onions, and even a rock that she found. The book suggested cheese too, and Bonnie seemed to like that too. Her favorite treat is still ice cubes though yesterday I gave her a couple of frozen grapes, which she seemed to enjoy after a little bit of confusion.

We also tried to mix different kinds of food into her dog food. A couple of times when we give her plain dog food, she would sniff at it and then walk away. When we saw her eating from the pot of rice and stock that was reserved for our Balinese dogs we decided to mix a bit of rice into her dog food, which she enjoyed. She slowly started to lose enthusiasm for dog food plus rice, but when I added a bit of water into the dish, she ate it with enthusiasm again. Her favorite food is chicken liver with rice and spinach, and Wid noticed that she was eating the area with the most broth first so we think that she wanted more moist foods. This hypothesis is supported by our observation that she loves eating dog food even if it's mixed with a bit of meat broth. I tried to mash banana into her dog food; she seemed ok with it, but many times she would try to pick the banana out of the dog food.

It's a bit strange that Bonnie's turning into a bit of a vegetarian who loves tropic fruits and rice. She's becoming an Asian dog.



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