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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Lanai Part 3

Wid and I haven't frequented Lanai as much as we wanted to, but a few weeks ago our friend Lexo and Sulis, who first introduced us to the restaurant, told us that Lanai just opened up a sushi bar. We decided to check out the place once more. The sushi was surprisingly good and rumor has it the chef is originally from the now closed Japan-fusion restaurant Wasabi. We tried a couple of different rolls as well as items for the regular menu. We had the spicy tuna roll, Lanai special roll, and salmon skin roll. There might have been another roll we ordered, but at this point I don't remember. The rolls were surprisingly good and my favorite was the spicy tuna roll. For Japanese-fusion, the new sushi bar is very nice, but I think the best rolls are still found at Hana. I will have to write a proper review of the rolls later after I sample them again. Hehehe.

Next day we took Wid's family there and everyone really enjoyed the food there. Wid's mom complained about the price, but I guess she doesn't realized exactly how much food we all ate, which was a lot. We can safely say now that the food at Lanai is just as good as pre-fire. Unfortunately, no more salmon risotto, but many of the really good dishes are still on the menu, like the seared ahi tuna covered with sesame and served with wasabi mayo and green beans and seafood boullibaise. Wid tried their special of the day, which was steak sandwich with coffee-infused mushroom. It sounded odd, but the coffee actually gave another dimension to the dish. While you can taste a hint of coffee, it really doesn't distract you from the taste of the meat and the rest of the sandwich. I guess the concept is similar to that of using cocoa in chicken mole. For dessert, white chocolate mousse is always a crowd pleaser, or at least Wid loves it.

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