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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Fun with Croquettes

Last night I tried to make Japanese style croquettes for the very first time. The recipe is from my favorite Japanese cook book, and I've been eyeing that recipe ever since I got the book a few years back. I was hoping that Hana would have some croquettes, but because they didn't have any to satisfy our craving, I decided to try to make it myself. The croquette consisted of mashed potato (made from steamed potato so there's less water), ground beef, frozen mixed veggies, chopped onion, and a bit of salt and pepper for flavor. When I was cooking the ground beef and onions, I was soooo tempted to add soy sauce, but luckily I stopped that impulse or else it was going to turn into some sort of Chinese stir fry. While I was making the paddies, the smell of the beef combined with the potato was so good. After the suckers were deep fried, Wid and I immediately attack one of them. Burning hotness.

Here are some pics. Click on the image to see larger version.

I noticed that our current favorite food show (Kuitan/喰いタン) has a recipe for croquettes too. I should try that one too.

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